Our New Home Science Lab

we had the Home Science Practical Exam of our 12th class students whereby they had to give the final presentation of  what all they had done and learnt in  their course of study.
It  consisted of stitching, cooking and presentation.

Our students came out with some wonderful creativity  which shows in the photos. We hope the students continue their passion and do wonders to bring laurel to their parents and the school.

IMG_20170213_131154     IMG_20170213_124913IMG_20170213_112140 IMG_20170213_111801IMG_20170213_124842 IMG_20170213_124808IMG_20170213_124822 IMG_20170213_124750 IMG_20170213_124729 IMG_20170213_124705 IMG_20170213_131123IMG_20170213_124830


Vasanth Panchmi Festival

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Our tiny tots of Nursery class are seen enjoying the festival of  Vasanth Panchmi. They were flying kites on this occasion  and thanked Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. 
The Nursery wing enjoyed the festival with  great fun and enthusiasm.